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Historic Photos Sanbornton Congregational Church

Peace Garden
Peace Post 3.jpg

A Memorial and Peace Garden with a granite bench memorializing Janet Norman, late wife of the Rev. Leslie Norman (our minister from 1992-2002), and a peace pole.

Nathan and Abigail Taylor
Mrs. Taylor (442 x 600).jpg

Abigail Taylor

Mr. Taylor (452 x 600).jpg

Nathan Taylor

Steeple Bell

The steeple bell was cast by Boston Copper Company in 1830, purchased and used in the Woodman Academy (now the Sanbornton Public Library) until it was sold to the church in 1863. 


The church chancel is the area around the altar, including the altar set, dossal (curtain), and lectern

Reed Organ
pump organ.jpg

Reed organ purchased in1880 by the Ladies Circle


This clock was made by Johnson & Smith, Sanbornton clockmakers in the 1800’s and was restored in 1996.

Hear The Clock Chime
0826171851 (002).jpg
Building Sign

This church sign by the front entry doors was restored in July of 2017. The sign was originally made sometime during the tenure of Charles N. Davie who served as the minister of the church between 1924-1938.


During the restoration in July of 2017, earlier versions of the sign were revealed showing a black background and gold lettering and the Reverend Charles N. Davie's name at the bottom of the sign. The sign is constructed of 3 wooden planks with a surrounding wooden frame.

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