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Our choir has a long tradition of providing quality traditional sacred music to enhance our worship.

Recently, we were shut down by the Covid pandemic for two years, and during that time we lost a number of singers to retirement, moving away, and even death.  Where we have been a choir of about 16 or more singers, since returning from Covid we now number about 11 or 12.  We aim to gain more singers in the near future.

Our singers are a devoted, committed, talented group.  Many have sung in our choir for decades, some are quite new to us.  We sing in service each week from early September through early June, and rehearse on Thursday evenings.  We enjoy good fellowship and good music.

We are blessed to have the greatly talented and capable Laura Belanger as our organist.  Singing in a choir accompanied by Laura is a joy.


Our church has been affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music since 1984.  The RSCM provides us with music publications, teaching aids, and singing weeks and courses both in the US and in England.  Many of our singers have attended RSCM events over the years.  Three of our singers are long-time members of the RSCM Residentiary Choir which sings the services in a different Church of England cathedral for a week each summer.

If you have an interest in joining us, please contact Dennis Akerman, Minister of Music, or Laura Belanger, Organist.

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